[maemo-users] Nokia N900 : problems connecting to home Wireless LAN (from ADSL)

From: Alessio Stella alessio.stella at hotmail.it
Date: Mon Feb 8 12:01:55 EET 2010
Dear all,
    I have a new Nokia N900 that connects very bad to the wireless (WLAN WiFi as you will call it) of the router connected to my ADSL internet connection. This router has no problems with several PCs i have used so far. Instead the Nokia N900 connects, is able to download some emails or low-weight web pages but is very slow and has many problems in downloading most web pages. If instead I connect my Nokia N900 to the mobile (GSM GPRS UMTS as you might call it) data connection the connection is faster and i can download without much problems most web pages I have tried. The connection is much better with mobile GPRS then with Wireless!! Please help me!
I have also asked for a substitution of the device, I have tried with another Nokia N900 and again the same behaviour.

Alessio Stella

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