[maemo-users] Getting started with a 770, tips?

From: chombee at lavabit.com chombee at lavabit.com
Date: Thu Feb 11 22:28:03 EET 2010

I just got a second-hand Nokia 770. There's quite an overwhelming amount
of information on maemo.org and elsewhere, and much of it probably refers
to the newer tablets, so I thought I'd ask for some pointers on getting

First of all, how can I find out which firmware and OS version the tablet
is running? And how can I upgrade to the latest versions that will run on
the 770?

And second, where should I look for repositories and other places to find
applications for the 770? I was really hoping, since the OS is
debian-based, that I could get a terminal emulator and use apt to install
things like mutt, nano, vim, ssh, mplayer, hpodder, etc. There's a lot I
could do with a terminal and access to the debian repos.

I found two "Osso X Terminal Emulator" entries under OS 2006 on the maemo
downloads page but neither works. I also found this
<http://770.fs-security.com/xterm/> but haven't tried it yet. I guess I
first need to figure out which version of the OS is the newest that I can
run and then look for software for it.

The applications that came with it look quite good so far but I really
need a decent email application. The provided one seems nice and simple
but doesn't work. First it would hang for a long time while receiving an
email, soon the application stopped even opening. I managed to install
Claws Mail from maemo.org but that crashes a lot too, as well as hanging
for hours at a time trying to download thousands of emails. A terminal and
mutt might be ideal.


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