[maemo-users] Bad experience with N900 onboard GPS.

From: Bernard Tyers b at runningwithbulls.com
Date: Fri Feb 12 22:17:01 EET 2010
Hi there,

I have been trying out my new N900 for the past few days and overall I really like it.

The only problem I have left with it is the GPS. I have yet to get a regular location lock.

The first time I used it it took approx 15 mins to update, in a location where it takes my E71 approx 2-3 mins. Leaving aside the unit has to calculate my location the first time it's turned on, that's a bloody long time.

The second time I started it up, in the same location, I didn't get a lock at all.

All the time I was using Ovi Maps (Which I know are basic, but surely GPS location update should work).

I know how GPS works and have tried some troubleshooting, but I can't find any diag tools. At least on the Symbian OS there is a compass app which will give you your location in long & lat.

Can anyone else comment? Am I the only one? Is the N900 GPS chipset abit weak (in whatever way in comparison to other Nokia devices)?

Can anyone recommend any troubleshooting apps I can use to see where the issue might be?

I saw minigpsd mentioned it can speed up the lock process on the gps. Can that help? (I'm not a coder, so maybe thats a wrong avenue...)

Is anything written to the OS when the GPS is running? Can we tail any logs? All recommendations welcome.

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