[maemo-users] Signature pad app for maemo tablets?

From: Lake Stevens Dental lakestevensdental at verizon.net
Date: Sat Feb 13 04:39:28 EET 2010
A not so complicated maemo app to think about...

It would be nice if there were a secure app (like the Topaz signature
pad <http://www.topazsystems.com/products/index.htm>) for using any of
the maemo tablets (770, 8xx, 900, etc) as a 'signature' device that
could (preferably interactively) connect a displayed document to client
signatures.  The interaction could be via wifi or bluetooth or stored
doc-id&sig to be securely transmitted later via any available means.

While the utility of the older tablets diminishes, all these devices
that I'm aware of could support an app that could connect a displayed
(sizable) document with a tablet collected signature for that document.
In other words, display document X in the tablet, give someone a stylus
to directly sign the fully read document and have that either
transmitted or stored in a secure format for business/legal use.   One
could even add a layer of security with a picture of the signee taken by
the device?

Possible uses could be enormous, such as legal documents, medical
consent forms, business agreement transactions, and perhaps even
collecting petition signatures.


Always, Dr Fred C
drfredc at drfredc.com
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