[maemo-users] Loading Ovi maps onto device memory-yes or no?

From: Craig Woodward woody at rochester.rr.com
Date: Sat Feb 13 05:12:14 EET 2010
If you hit the default OVI maps area the app to store maps on the N900 is there.  I've used it to throw the maps on my system, and it works just fine.  There are two cavets though:

1> The maps are stored on the internal flash, not the memory card.
2> You must connect your device via USB in Media Storage Mode (not PC Sync Mode)

You have to have space on the internal flash for it, since thats where the OVI app looks. (And if you're grabbing several states or countries, that can be a lot.)  One nice thing is it lets you pick and choose.  So for example, I chose a few states in the NE of the US, the south-eastern portion of Canada, Florida, and Washington, since I travel there on occasion.  When I go to another place, (like a trip to Spain) I can grab just the areas I'll be in and load them up on the phone before I go. :)

---- Bernard Tyers <b at runningwithbulls.com> wrote: 


I havem read in different places that it's possible to load the Ovi Map files onto your N900, like you can on any Symbian device. 

I have tried this butg so far it's proved unsuccessful.

Can anyone point me to a guaranteed procedure to load the map locations on my 2GB memory card? I'm using Ovi Maps 1.?.

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