[maemo-users] Bad experience with N900 onboard GPS.

From: Craig Woodward woody at rochester.rr.com
Date: Sat Feb 13 05:16:42 EET 2010
This is a bug in OVI maps.  I think the link has already been given.

The problem is that OVI opens the device to get a lock, but then "gives up" and closes it just before it can get a lock.  It cycles doing this every few minutes, but unless you have an alternate signal, it's not enough time for the GPS to lock on it's own without feeder information (which requires a data link, via GPRS or wifi).  This is supposedly going to be fixed on the next OVI push out, whenever that is.

I'm hoping they add voice and turn by turn as well soon.  Sad that a cheep 3 year old $40 Magellan can out-preform my expensive shiny new cell phone. :P

---- Bernard Tyers <b at runningwithbulls.com> wrote: 

Hi there,

I have been trying out my new N900 for the past few days and overall I really like it.

The only problem I have left with it is the GPS. I have yet to get a regular location lock.

The first time I used it it took approx 15 mins to update, in a location where it takes my E71 approx 2-3 mins. Leaving aside the unit has to calculate my location the first time it's turned on, that's a bloody long time.

The second time I started it up, in the same location, I didn't get a lock at all.

All the time I was using Ovi Maps (Which I know are basic, but surely GPS location update should work).

I know how GPS works and have tried some troubleshooting, but I can't find any diag tools. At least on the Symbian OS there is a compass app which will give you your location in long & lat.

Can anyone else comment? Am I the only one? Is the N900 GPS chipset abit weak (in whatever way in comparison to other Nokia devices)?

Can anyone recommend any troubleshooting apps I can use to see where the issue might be?

I saw minigpsd mentioned it can speed up the lock process on the gps. Can that help? (I'm not a coder, so maybe thats a wrong avenue...)

Is anything written to the OS when the GPS is running? Can we tail any logs? All recommendations welcome.

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