[maemo-users] gPodder on OS2007?

From: chombee chombee at lavabit.com
Date: Sat Feb 13 20:29:02 EET 2010
Hey, I noticed that gPodder is only available for OS2008 and later:


Has anyone got it working on OS2007? Do you think it's possible?

Actually I can add podcasts to the feed reader application that ships
with OS2007 and when I click on the attachment links they open in the
media player and it starts streaming them. So far this method seems to
handle podcasts adequately. But gPodder would sync my list of podcasts
between the handheld and other instances of gPodder on other computers,
so if I come across a podcast at work I can add it to gPodder on my work
PC and it would automatically popup on gPodder on my handheld when I get
home. gPodder would also download the files for offline playback later
instead of streaming them (maybe you can click to download files in the
OS2007 feed reader, I'm not sure). I definitely consider it a luxury,
and gPodder may not run well on my 770, but if it worked it would be
pretty convenient!

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