[maemo-users] Maemo + Moblin = MeeGo

From: Cláudio Sampaio patola at gmail.com
Date: Mon Feb 15 23:10:50 EET 2010
On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 3:09 PM, Gary <gary at eyetraxx.net> wrote:

> this is bound to shake a few trees -- I'm curious to see what falls out. It
> doesn't look like it'll be based on Debian but I can get over that if its a
> tradeoff for a bigger dev community and wider variety of devices running
> it...
> http://flors.wordpress.com/2010/02/15/maemo-moblin-meego-join-us/

I am not sure about what to think of this. Is this really official, final,
and irrevocable? Does this mean that, besides changing from GTK+ to QT when
going from Maemo 5 to Maemo 6, we'll have to cope with even more
differences? What will become of Maemo's base API and behaviour? Won't the
next Nokia Linux-based phone will be something of a Frankenstein monster?

Won't this move scare away developers that strive for a stable platform on
which to develop?

Best regards,

Cláudio (Patoia)
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