[maemo-users] How to change dialer and phone defaults?

From: Stephen Fierbaugh (PBT) stephen.fierbaugh at pbti.org
Date: Tue Feb 16 17:55:38 EET 2010
I have had an N900 for about a month and I __love__ it.  90% of my life 
is spent either at the office or at home and I have good wifi at both 
locations.  The SIP client is connecting to our Asterisk/Elastix PBX, 
and I'm able to send and receive calls great and transparently just as 
if it were a cellular connection.  I also have a prepaid SIM in case I 
get stuck by the side of the road, but it is rarely used.

The software does a fine job of handling all the details of dropping & 
gaining wifi connections, etc.  This works so well that a couple of days 
ago, I cancelled my old cellphone service and will save about $50/month.

Now that I've been using it for a little while, I'd like to tweak some 
of the default settings for the phone.  I hope (& assume) that these are 
configurable, but I've googled without success, and also SSH'ed in and 
looked in /etc & /home/user/ without success.  Specifically, the 
following would bump up the experience to the next level:

   1. The dialer defaults to "Call Type: Cellular".  I would like to
      change the default to "Call Type: sip".
   2. As soon as a call is answered, the screen goes blank (presumably
      to save power).  This makes hitting "Speaker" or entering PIN #s
      difficult.  I'd like to either leave the screen on, or ideally
      have it turn off after ten seconds if no other key is pressed. 
      There is some mention on websites of a facial proximity sensor
      which would also solve the problem, but I see no indication that
      it exists on my actual unit.
   3. The default audio setting is phone-to-the-ear.  I would like to
      change this to "Speaker".

The SIP account settings in /home/user/.rtcom-accounts/accounts.cfg, and 
I suspect that any changes would probably go there, but it doesn't 
appear to have entries for what I'd like to do.  Does anyone know how to 
accomplish any of this fine-tuning?

Sincerely Yours,
Stephen P. Fierbaugh<stephen at fierbaugh.org>
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