[maemo-users] N800 Web browser quit working

From: Jake Wasdin jake at wasdin.net
Date: Wed Feb 17 21:39:59 EET 2010
Steve Yelvington wrote:
> The Web browser on my N800 has stopped working. It loads, activates the 
> "Updating ...." message, and then does nothing. There are no logged 
> errors, and running it from the command line produces no error messages.
> A couple of weeks ago, an alternative (Webkit?) browser appeared in one 
> of the repositories; I installed it, but it didn't work, so I removed it.
> Is there a recommended way to fix/reinstall the standard browser? Or 
> should I just back up my personal data and re-flash the unit?

I had this problem a while back. I just went in and killed all of the 
browser related processes and then clicked to open it again.

I don't have my tablet booted into Maemo right now, but you should be 
able to run ps aux | more in your Terminal and then see the browser 
processes. Then run killall browserd where browserd (might be all yuo 
need to kill) is the process name. Then repeat for all of them. Then you 
can reopen MicroB.

That said, I have had much much better luck with Tear on OS2008. 
<https://garage.maemo.org/projects/tear/> If yuo're on OS2007, the best 
browser I used for it was Minimo 

If you need more specific instructions, I can boot Maemo and help you 
out... hope this works though

Jake Wasdin
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