[maemo-users] N900 Temperature Question

From: Nils Faerber nils.faerber at kernelconcepts.de
Date: Wed Feb 17 21:18:59 EET 2010
Tim Ashman schrieb:
> On Wednesday 17 February 2010 07:43:56 am Chris Vail wrote:
>> A couple of times I have listened to one of my favorite streaming radio
>> programs on my N900.  Each time I listened until the battery was used up
>> (neither time did I start with a full charge), and I noticed that the N900
>> was rather warm.  Now, I listen with the unit in my shirt pocket and with
>> the ear plugs plugged in.  My shirt pocket has other plastic cards in it.
>> and a sweater over it, so the unit is not getting much air circulation.
>> So, I am wondering, am I exceeding the heat specs for the unit by doing
>> this?  Would I have a problem if I started with a fully charged battery,
>> and ran for more than an hour or two?  If I plugged in the power cable and
>> had the N900 on a desk in front of me while I listened, should I expect the
>> unit to be cooler over a long period of time?
>> TIA for your attention.
> My n900 gets very warm on the left side when I stream or download for a long 
> time.  It never feels like it is about to melt or anything so I've just 
> assumed this was fine.  It is never so warm or hot that I can't hold it.

All of this is pretty normal.
WiFi can eat quite some energy depending on what you do and how far away
you are from your access point and configuration of the access point.

The power amplifier in the WiFi module itself and the corresponding
regulators in the device all carry a certain amount of energy loss,
getting more the more energy is going through them - pretty normal.
Nothing to worry about...

But it show quite clearly that WiFi on battery is not ideal for long
term continous use liek streaming audio, except you have a power adapter
attached ;)

PS: Try the same use-case with a HTC-G1 (aka Android Dream) - this gets
*really* warm toward the lower end where the power plug located -
presuably also the spot where the voltage regulators are located...
excessive use (charging + high power WiFi) even caused G1s to slightly
melt the plastic cover...

> tim

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