[maemo-users] Not enough memory

From: Nelson Ferreira nelson.ferreira at ieee.org
Date: Thu Feb 18 04:48:02 EET 2010
On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 22:15, Nelson Ferreira <nelson.ferreira at ieee.org> wrote:
> I must say I am really disappointed at how painful it is to do an
> update on the N900.
> I went through this game on PR1.1 and now PR1.1.1.
> If Maemo or MeeGo want a shot at a good end-user consumer this really
> should be up there in the priority for stuff to fix...
On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 18:01, Craig Woodward <woody at rochester.rr.com> wrote:
> I swear I've never heard so much whining about a trivial topic in my life.  You'd think Nokia
> was pushing a completely closed release from the yelping going on. You installed 80 apps
> from unstable or random repositories and sources, each time with a pop-up from the OS
> saying that what you're doing is unsupported and could cause device instability.  And now
> you're complaining because an update is asking you to fix some of the damage you've
> done so it can do an upgrade?  It's called being an adult.  If you can't handle it, stick to the
> toys for 12 and under from now on.

While I had no "problem" fixing it, it still took time to get around
to do, and I believe that in an open source environment pointing out
flaws and pain points is still valid. If that is not well seen in
Maemo, then it will surely wither. I think that is not the case.
You see, what for one is whining for others is making sure the real
dimension of a problem is known. Again _I_ did not have a problem
resolving it, but sure as well would have liked it to have been

I also think most people having the issue are not installing from
"random repositories" but rather are having problems from installs
coming from a very specific repository: extras-devel, just because
that is where the interesting stuff is brewing now. Once they move to
extras I believe it will subside.

However I do believe that the following suggestions should be
considered by the team doing app manager:

1. Show from what repos the app/version is coming from.
2. Show the split between rootfs non rootfs requirements/usage,
specially on uninstall
3. Allow for multiple selection for install/uninstall
4. Allow for the package cache to be out of rootfs
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