[maemo-users] problem with App manager

From: Gunter Ohrner G.Ohrner at post.rwth-aachen.de
Date: Thu Feb 18 22:26:51 EET 2010
(Disclaimer: I've not yet received my N900, so I've no idea of how it 
works internally. ;)

Kimmo Hämäläinen wrote:
>> (...)
>>         E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists.new/lock -
>>         open
>> (2 No such file or directory)
>> (...)
>> of the dev.  apps that i installed filled up my root drive to much
>> and something bad happened.  any help is greatly appreciated.

> It looks like this /var/lib/apt/lists.new directory is a temporary
> directory that is created to replace /var/lib/apt/lists after
> refreshing the repos. You can probably just "rm -rf

However, the error message sounds more as if creating the directory 
fails for some reason.

Daniel, is there sufficient free space on your root partition?

What does /var/lib/apt look like (cd /var/lib/apt && ls -la .)?

However, if the rootfs space exhaustion was so bad it broke apt, it 
might have caused other trouble as well...



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