[maemo-users] How to troubleshoot: "Unable to perform operation. Internal error." when merging a contact?

From: Nelson Ferreira nelson.ferreira at ieee.org
Date: Fri Feb 19 11:04:00 EET 2010
Addind more information below...

On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 22:29, Nelson Ferreira <nelson.ferreira at ieee.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Not sure if this is the proper forum, but I have a contact that when I
> try to do a merge, so that I eliminate a duplicate I get the message:
> "Unable to perform operation. Internal error."
> Unfortunately, because I have IM fields on the contact I am not
> willing to delete the contact because that would _remove_ that contact
> from the IM servers. That leaves me in a pickle, since I have no clear
> information of _what_ exactly failed...
> Is there any way to troubleshoot this issue ?

So I installed EBook editor and it turns out that any edit I make to
this contact vcard is not saved AND I cannot delete it.

I looked at the libosso-abook API and there are some calls to check if
a contact is blocked or blockable but no API either to block or

Does this blocked mean the contact cannot be deleted ? Note that in
the API I could not find the meaning of blocked. Could the failure of
EBook to delete the contact be that the contact became somehow
blocked? If so how to unblock it ?
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