[maemo-users] no voice-assisted navigation on any maemo device?

From: Johan Helsingius julf at julf.com
Date: Fri Feb 19 11:49:53 EET 2010
As the snow is finally disappearing, motorcycle season is
about to start again - and one of the reasons I originally
upgraded my 770 to an 810 and then 900 was to get GPS
navigation without having to resort to a separate satnav
or phone. And on a motorcycle, you need voice instructions,
as you can't keep staring at a screen.

Well, the ovi maps app on maemo 5 is useless - no
real-time routing, no voice, and that horrible forced
forward-up, north-is-wherever orientation.

OK, while waiting for a real satnav app for maemo5
(or maemo6, or meetoo or whatever), I thought I could
at least use the 810 with the commercial map (wayfinder)
app, that actually does most of what I want, but is
closed source and requires an expensive license. Ah,
no, doesn't any more - wayfinder has been sold to
Vodafone, and the internet tablet version has been
discontinued. So no way to reactivate routing. Duh.

Oh, and the other big reason to use a maemo device
was CarMan for the OBDII stuff - seems that app
isn't ported to maemo 5 either... :(

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