[maemo-users] Memory Error using mircob

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Fri Feb 19 11:51:08 EET 2010

ext Edward Johns wrote:
> Whenever I try to edit or add a bookmark in microb I get an error saying:
> "Operation temporarily disabled due to low memory"
> All I have to do is open the browser and try to edit an existing
> bookmark; it fails even when it's the first thing I do after a reboot.
> Immediately after reboot top shows I have around 315K free, after
> starting the browser I have around 167K free.

If you press "M" in top so that it sorts by memory usage,
what it shows as using most memory?

> My disk usage looks like this:
> /: 42M free
> /home:1.7G free
> /home/user/MyDocs:26.4G
> I guess root is looking a bit full (84%) but I wouldn't of said that
> was too serious (or a likely cause?)

I guess the message is about RAM usage as partitions have enough space.

> Before I start uninstalling stuff does anybody have any bright ideas?
> Does anybody have bookmarks working under a similar kind of resource usage?
> Is it possible to get microB to give me any log files?

	- Eero
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