[maemo-users] Not enough memory

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Fri Feb 19 12:02:53 EET 2010

ext Jason wrote:
> On a more technical, get-it-done approach, my problem with OOM was
> too much crap in /var/cache/apt/archive/ .  There are two ways to
> handle this in a more user friendly manner.  Instead of the OOM
> error message, offer to run 'apt-get clean', and/or symlink
> /var/cache/apt out to /home/.var.cache.apt .  Which I just tried,
> and seems to wfm.
> $ sudo gainroot
> # cd /var/cache/
> # mv apt /home/.var.cache.apt
> # ln -sf ../../home/.var.cache.apt apt


* Application manager doesn't have caches on rootfs, but on
   the 2GB partition.

* However, if you use apt _directly_, you need to tell it to
   use 2GB partition for its caching like application manager does.

Marius can maybe confirm this.

	- Eero
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