[maemo-users] Indications with maps.

From: Bernard Tyers b at runningwithbulls.com
Date: Fri Feb 19 16:16:19 EET 2010
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> Now that Nokia announced that navigation with indications will be free
> forever, I'd like to know if we'll be able to do that with the N900.
> Maybe I missed the info somewhere else, but if somebody can tell me
> something or point me to the info, I'd be pleased.

Hola Xavi,

As I understand it, the current version of Ovi Maps for Maemo (1.0) is not at the same release level (featurewise) as Ovi Maps for Symbian (Maps v 3.0).

We'll have to wait to see if the release Maps for Maemo with the same basic, required features as Maps for Symbian has.

Un saludo,
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