[maemo-users] dictionaries for QStarDict

From: Tony Green tony at beermad.org.uk
Date: Sun Feb 21 12:45:28 EET 2010
> how/where to download dictionaries for QStarDict?
> preferrable by the PC, cause my home wireless connection works badly with my Nokia N900

Hi Alessio,

The best source seems to be http://xdxf.revdanica.com/down/ - you need to get them in Stardict format.

A few more sources and instructions on where to put them are on the QStarDict site: http://qstardict.ylsoftware.com/index.php (look in the Wiki for installation instructions).

It's a program I'm very pleased to see now on the N900 as I used it a lot on my N800.


Tony Green
Ipswich, Suffolk, England
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