[maemo-users] ovi maps : problems

From: Maurizio Napolitano napoogle at gmail.com
Date: Mon Feb 22 16:31:05 EET 2010
Like other people already told you the current version of Ovi Nokia
Maps for the N900 is then version 1.0
This means that some features are not implemented yet

As car navigation software for N900 I suggest Navit
Official Page - http://www.navit-project.org/
Maemo version - http://maemo.org/packages/view/navit/

I have no idea if the current state you can use the vector data of Ovi Maps
but I'm sure you can use the vector data from OpenStreetMap

Since you ask maps of Japan, I think that on OpenStreetMap this area
is well covered.

See here

Navit offers some features that you need like routing support and
speech support.
The software calculate everything alone, without contact external services.
Read the documentation on the wiki for good configurations and details.
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