[maemo-users] Getting started with a 770, tips?

From: sebastian maemo sebastian.maemo at gmail.com
Date: Tue Feb 23 04:40:10 EET 2010
2010/2/11 <chombee at lavabit.com>

> I just got a second-hand Nokia 770. There's quite an overwhelming amount
> of information on maemo.org and elsewhere, and much of it probably refers
> to the newer tablets, so I thought I'd ask for some pointers on getting
> started.

Hi chombee:

How are you doing with your 770? :-)

> First of all, how can I find out which firmware and OS version the tablet
> is running? And how can I upgrade to the latest versions that will run on
> the 770?

I'm still using OS2006, but I think you're already using OS2007...

Are you running your filesystem from flash memory or from MMC?

> And second, where should I look for repositories and other places to find
> applications for the 770?

The best place for me, without any doubt:


I was really hoping, since the OS is
> debian-based, that I could get a terminal emulator and use apt to install
> things like mutt, nano, vim, ssh, mplayer, hpodder, etc. There's a lot I
> could do with a terminal and access to the debian repos.

Yes, you can :-)

I use ssh, vim, mplayer, rsync, apt... almost every day...

But there's no useful access to the (official) debian repos :-(

The applications that came with it look quite good so far but I really
> need a decent email application. The provided one seems nice and simple
> but doesn't work. First it would hang for a long time while receiving an
> email, soon the application stopped even opening. I managed to install
> Claws Mail from maemo.org but that crashes a lot too, as well as hanging
> for hours at a time trying to download thousands of emails. A terminal and
> mutt might be ideal.

I prefer to use Gmail application for my phone :-P

Here's a list of useful applications that I've installed on my little lovely
(thank you very much to all of them who have made this possible)

   1. abiword
   2. aircrack-ng
   3. apt
   4. bc
   5. build-essential
   6. bzip2
   7. curl
   8. ddclient
   9. deborphan
   10. dosfstools
   11. dpkg
   12. dsniff
   13. e2fsprogs
   14. faad
   15. flac
   16. g++
   17. gcc
   18. gdb
   19. gnumeric
   20. gnuplot
   21. grsync
   22. iptables
   23. kismet
   24. leafpad
   25. less
   26. links
   27. load-applet-run
   28. lsof
   29. macchanger
   30. maemo-periodic
   31. maemo-recorder
   32. maemo-stars
   33. maemopad
   34. maemopadplus (specially useful to me)
   35. make
   36. mc
   37. mplayer
   38. netcat6
   39. nginx
   40. nmap
   41. ntpdate
   42. octave2.1
   43. openssh (it's a must)
   44. openssl (another must)
   45. openvpn
   46. perl
   47. php5-*
   48. ping
   49. poppler-utils (another must)
   50. python2.5-*
   51. rsync (another must)
   52. sbasic
   53. socat
   54. sudo
   55. synaptic
   56. tcpdump
   57. tnftp
   58. unrar
   59. unzip
   60. vncviewer
   61. vpnc
   62. wget
   63. x11vnc (incredibly useful)
   64. xchat
   65. xournal
   66. zip

Just to name a few... :-)


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