[maemo-users] Dealing with N900 responsiveness (or lack of thereof)

From: Michel Dänzer michel at daenzer.net
Date: Tue Feb 23 09:52:17 EET 2010
On Mon, 2010-02-22 at 12:08 -0600, Paul Hartman wrote: 
> My battery seems the same as always. If I don't make any phone calls
> it lasts around 13 hours at the most (I'm connected to wifi 90% of the
> time, phone mostly sits idle).

That seems very low. I can easily go for three days between charging,
and I've gone up to slightly more than 100 hours. I rarely make phone
calls, but I'm connected to WiFi (and logged into Skype and Jabber
accounts) at least half the time as well and regularly do package
installs/upgrades, SMS/IM and general tinkering.

> If I made phone calls the life is shorter, and especially if I used
> speakerphone it seems like a 5-minute call can take away 1 hour of
> battery life... :)

That's probably due to CPU usage, which IME can take a huge toll on the
battery. When the device is (supposedly) idle, make sure that e.g. htop
doesn't show any significant CPU usage by any process other than itself
(and Xorg and osso-xterm, if you're running it on the device display).

I suspect the display brightness could also make a big difference for
battery life, I have it at the lowest setting.

Also FWIW I have Bluetooth disabled and am only using GSM, not 3G, as I
only use WiFi for internet access.

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