[maemo-users] Getting started with a 770, tips?

From: Jake Wasdin jake at wasdin.net
Date: Wed Feb 24 01:05:16 EET 2010
On Tue, 23 Feb 2010 15:50:57 +0000
chombee <chombee at lavabit.com> wrote:

I have a couple of software suggestions for non-N770 specific stuff...

> The web browser just about works but it's very slow. Turning off
> display of images in webpages helps, but this option seems to
> sometimes enable itself again. It seems best to stay out of the web
> browser as much as you can, as it's a sure way to end up with your
> 770 becoming unresponsive and wasting a lot of your time.

When I was on OS2007 I used Minimo for most stuff (I recommended this
before for OS2006, but I know it works on OS2007 as I used it!). You
may want to see if you have better results with it, as I did for sure:

Another idea is to use graphical links. Since you're familiar with
Linux you might could get this working. I got the browser working on my
own... this would mean no CSS or JS but only HTML and graphics. It was
fairly easy to get working as I recall, but I'm not on OS2007 and it's
been a while. I didn't get it integrated with Maemo very well, but it
was quite usable and very fast. 

> The PDF reader looks alright but there's no way to turn pages in
> fullscreen mode, and if you reopen a PDF it starts from page 1 and
> there's not way to get back to where you left off. I guess it's just
> for viewing PDFs, not really an ebook reader. I might try out
> FBReader as an ebook reader on it, it supports more formats than just
> PDF too. But I'm tempted to run a text mode ebook reader (even just
> less) in a screen session on my server.

fbreader doesn't support PDF... although I have and do use it to read
books in other formats often. See here for the features
<http://www.fbreader.org/docs/formats.php>... one of my favorite apps
for my IT. For PDF Evince is pretty nice, but I don't know if it has the
features you need: <http://maemo.org/downloads/product/OS2007/evince/>

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