[maemo-users] how to free up space in rootfs

From: daniel young djyoung4 at gmail.com
Date: Thu Feb 25 23:00:28 EET 2010
ok so i am trying to update to the most recent release of maemo.  i think
its a bug where any apps you install from the maemo extras-devel get saved
in rootfs.  it might be the apps from maemo extras-testing too but im not
sure.  so apparently i have installed too many of them and i have no more
room left in rootfs.  my question is whats the best way to go about making
room.  should i uninstall some of the maemo extras-devel and how do i know
which ones those are.  or should i just delete data out of rootfs and if so
how would i do that.  thanks in advance.

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