[maemo-users] how to free up space in rootfs

From: Aldon Hynes Aldon.Hynes at Orient-Lodge.com
Date: Fri Feb 26 01:49:08 EET 2010
What I did was move the apt and dpkg directories out of the rootfs and
everything works nicely.

(I posted about this back on the 19th)

First get root access  e.g. sudo gainroot or ssh into the device with root


mkdir /opt/cache
mkdir /opt/lib
cd /var/cache
mv apt /opt/cache
ln -s /opt/cache/apt apt
cd /var/lib
mv apt /opt/lib
ln -s /opt/lib/apt apt
mv dpkg /opt/lib
ln -s /opt/lib/dpkg dpkg

This moves the cache and the libraries over to the opt directory, with
symbolic links so everything runs as normal

When I did this, I moved about 56 meg out of the rootfs.

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  of course just a google away sorry for a dumb question.  i cant find how
to make it save the extras-devel and testing into a different partiton.

  On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 2:17 PM, Paul Hartman
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    On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 3:00 PM, daniel young <djyoung4 at gmail.com>
    > ok so i am trying to update to the most recent release of maemo.  i
    > its a bug where any apps you install from the maemo extras-devel get
    > in rootfs.  it might be the apps from maemo extras-testing too but im
    > sure.  so apparently i have installed too many of them and i have no
    > room left in rootfs.  my question is whats the best way to go about
    > room.  should i uninstall some of the maemo extras-devel and how do i
    > which ones those are.  or should i just delete data out of rootfs and
if so
    > how would i do that.  thanks in advance.


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