[maemo-users] possible bug in N900 Maemo 5 desktop ??

From: Timo Pelkonen peltsip at gmail.com
Date: Thu Jan 7 11:39:00 EET 2010
2010/1/6 <rixed at happyleptic.org>

> -[ Tue, Jan 05, 2010 at 09:44:45PM +0100, Henrik Madsen ]----
> > As ordinary users of the N900/N810 systems we are also woundering
> > what the purpose of all Marks non-appropriate and very negative
> > comments are.
> As an ordinary user of the n810, I am, not unlike Mark, a bit disatisfied
> by the overall quality of the maemo software stack and discouraged
> by the fact that the new maemo does not seam to attempt to fix previous
> issues but instead start from scratch the same thing again. And like
> Mark I'm not confident any more that Nokia will manage to provide us
> with the mobile software stack that free software is lacking.
> And I'm not paid by any other company to say that - of course I wont buy
> a Nexus nor an iPhone nor a Pre nor anything (my daily phone is a
> freerunner).
> I will stop reading this ML since questionning the quality of maemo
> is apparently out of topic.
> Good luck.
> _______________________________________________

Good luck with your "fanboy" -card. Please start by replying my criticism
about Mark's input to this mailing list and maybe you'll see that the
biggest problem is the person, not the facts he's bringing up. I agree about
some facts but at the same time I understand why something has been done. It
is impossible to give everything to everyone....

Your arguments are too rounded and vague, and I can't see those bringing
something new to Mark's arguments any way. Just saying the same things like
politicians say.

So please, let the facts fight, don't fight with people. And stop using
those fanboy-cards. Reply with better arguments and those won't be needed at
all in order to win an argument!

Ossipena / Timo
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