[maemo-users] Maemo Flasher-3.5 Tool documentation updated

From: Kimmo Hämäläinen kimmo.hamalainen at nokia.com
Date: Fri Jan 8 19:31:52 EET 2010
On Fri, 2010-01-08 at 18:20 +0100, ext Graham Cobb wrote:
> On Friday 08 January 2010 12:17:13 Graham Cobb wrote:
> > I will try to do some more testing later, get some logs and report this as 
> > a bug.  So far, I have only ever noticed it when I am in a hurry to get the
> > device reflashed and I just go back to using Windows!
> I can only reproduce this with my legacy (pre-summit) device.  My production 
> device seems to work reliably (at least under 32-bit Debian -- I haven't 
> tried 64-bit).
> I don't suppose anyone is interested in a bug report about a legacy device.  
> So, I will continue using Windows to flash that one.  Unfortunately it is my 
> main development and test device so it gets flashed more than my production 
> one!

Your old device may have older bootloader, and it could be that cold
flashing (using serial cable) the device to update the bootloader would
solve the problem. But you'd need a development jig/dock for that. When
the flashing (USB) protocol has changed, sometimes it has required
bootloader update.


> Graham
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