[maemo-users] Google services - Latitude, mbarcode and Goggles.

From: Aldon Hynes Aldon.Hynes at Orient-Lodge.com
Date: Sat Jan 9 18:12:01 EET 2010
Hmm... I'm running Google Latitude on my N900.

googlelatitude 0.3-9  - Works quite nicely.

Also, mbarcode is every nice as well

mbarcode 0.0.8-0  - Only problem I'm having with that is that SMS barcodes
aren't handled well yet, but the developer and I have been having a great
discussion about addressing it.

It is what I like best about the N900, you can build your own apps or find
others to do that that take advantages of services out there.

Now, Google Goggles:  That is something I really want to see on the N900,
especially if you can mash it up with some Augmented Reality!


-----Original Message-----
> This doesn't apply to Google services like Latitude, where a nice
> small daemon that updates it would be nice on the N900.
> It would suck less battery and I won't have to run a full fledged
> browser with the geolocation plugin just to have it updated.

Well I was mostly thinking about Google Goggles or the Barcode
Scanner, basically get to use N900 builtin technology like camera to
do exactly that.

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