[maemo-users] N900 display doesn't turn on

From: Keywan Najafi Tonekaboni lists at prometoys.net
Date: Mon Jan 11 16:39:27 EET 2010

the display of my n900 doesn't turn on. But the device itself works
(received IM messages and mails, led blinking, keyboard light, shutdown
and boot sounds). Even the touchscreen works somehow (I hear clicks and
touchscreen feedback). I tried to reflash it, but it didn't helped. I
tried the video cable, but the output is just 3-4lines high of white,
blue and black color, which reminds me to the default background.

Any ideas? Hope some Nokia hardware guys reading here as well. (Feel
free to forward, if you know them...)



Keywan Najafi Tonekaboni <me at prometoys.net>

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