[maemo-users] Some Questions to Maemo and the N900

From: Alexander Schröter accounts at computational-chemistry.org
Date: Wed Jan 13 11:21:15 EET 2010
Hello Everybody

here is what I am planing to do ... since I am from Germany and the N900 costs 
about 500€ here at the moment and in the US only 380€ I decided it would be 
smart to bring me back a US phone.

This brings me to my first question ... can I do that ... as far as I 
understand the Hardware is except the keyboard the same so it should also work 
with german carriers, right? Do I need to flash the firmware somehow or can I 
use the US firmware?

2nd Question: What about the keyboard I was listening to the conversation 
about mapping keys on the n900 and even though it seems to be a little work I 
should be able to use it like a german keyboard, right?

3rd Question: This one has nothing to do with the English phone, this is about 
the pim apps of maemo. Since I am running my own kolab-server I would love to 
have my n900 sync via syncml with the kolab server. And this simply brings me 
to the question is syncml supported and if not jet will it be in the near 

Thanks in advance
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