[maemo-users] Recording calls

From: Craig Woodward woody at rochester.rr.com
Date: Sat Jan 16 08:39:07 EET 2010
I know the legality of recording calls varies greatly in many countries.  In the US where I live it varies from state to state not only if you may record calls, but if those recordings may be published or used for legal purposes in a court of law.  In general in the US you need to be a known participant in the call, and in some states that's enough, in others you need to inform some or all parties that the call is being recorded.

In any case, this is not new territory for phones in general or for Nokia.  Several Nokia phones have had the ability to record conversations.  My Nokia 6230i has the ability to record calls, but for "legal notification reasons" emits a muted beep/tone every 5 seconds while it's recording.  The tone is at about 10% of the volume of the call and lasts 1/2 second, every 5 seconds.

In any case, I doubt any country would have laws that would punish a developer for making an application for the phone.  Rather most laws would target the person who installed and/or used the application in a way that did not conform with local laws.

---- sebastian maemo <sebastian.maemo at gmail.com> wrote: 

2010/1/14 Kevin T. Neely <ktneely at astroturfgarden.com>

> Recording conversations is a useful tool, but also illegal or highly
> regulated in many jurisdictions, so that might deter developers somewhat.

I'm not a lawyer... but I think you're wrong (in general).

Of course, laws depend very much on the country you live... but IMHO
recording a conversation in YOUR own phone is perfectly legal and you don't
need to warn anybody about it, because you are recording YOUR

What is completely illegal is to record conversations of other people, or
even making illegal use of your own conversations when other people is

That's MHO and I'm not a lawyer :-P


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