[maemo-users] Developing for WebOS on the WEB -- can Nokia step up

From: Timo Pelkonen peltsip at gmail.com
Date: Mon Jan 18 08:13:20 EET 2010
2010/1/17 Kahlil Johnson <jzarecta at gmail.com>

> Watching Coding with Bryan on the Jupiterbroadcasting.com network I
> learn about the Ares project from the guys at Palm and about their
> WebOS system, he showed a developer platform on the web.
> http://ares.palm.com/Ares/about.html
> Everyone in the chat was delighted and wonder if Maemo could do
> something like for their widgets at least. Maybe it could be cool to
> have. I know Nokia is well invested in the Qt platform but doing a web
> driven development could be something that could result pretty awesome
> stuff.
> All you need is a browser and you are ready to code.
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> Kahlil Johnson
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Isn't there a similar thing for symbian?

found this in 10 seconds, don't know for sure if it is the same

Ossipena / Timo
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