[maemo-users] Deactivate buggy portrait mode on N900

From: Johas johas at gawab.com
Date: Mon Jan 18 11:02:08 EET 2010

since last week, I can use my N900 in portrait mode after using the phone app 
in portrait mode and hanging up. However, it is not working properly -- some 
icons and widgets are located off the screen and cannot be accessed. I 
appreciate that feature but would like to wait until it is actually more 
The thing is that i cannot reproducably switch back to landscape mode: 
Sometimes the phone switches back after locking and unlocking it; sometimes 
some application cause it to switch back. I want to disable the portrait mode 
"feature" generally until it is ready for use. Can anybody tell me how i do 


PS. I read somewhere that you can activate portrait mode with the newest 
firmware by pressing ctrl+shift+o in the browser app. However, I don't 
remember doing this and it doesn't help turning the feature off again.
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