[maemo-users] Deactivate buggy portrait mode on N900

From: Stephen Gadsby stephen.gadsby at gmail.com
Date: Mon Jan 18 15:53:17 EET 2010
On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 5:50 AM, Igor Stoppa <igor.stoppa at nokia.com> wrote:
> No, it's a real bug: I have witnessed it without using the browser.

I have also. I've been attempting to find a way of intentionally
reproducing it, but I have not yet had success in that, so I haven't
yet opened a bug report. I can say that (on my N900 at least) when
this bug is in effect, using "slide to unlock" will force the UI back
into landscape temporarily--until I use the phone app in portrait
again. Rebooting the N900 clears the problem.

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