[maemo-users] Recording calls

From: Xabier Rodriguez Calvar xrcalvar at igalia.com
Date: Tue Jan 19 15:44:19 EET 2010
O Lun, 18-01-2010 ás 23:14 +0100, Thomas Waelti escribiu:
> I have now uploaded my "recaller" widget to the autobuilder, it built
>  OK and should show up in extras-devel during the next hours (IF the
>  servers work again - I have 0.2.0 of sleeper still not showing up in
>  the package interface after 2 hours in the queue).

I'd prefer it to be a program instead of a widget (or both), as I don't
like having such a widget for the the low (but some) use I'd make. Would
it be possible?


Xabier Rodríguez Calvar
Computer Engineer
IGALIA http://www.igalia.com
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