[maemo-users] Forced Upgrade to N900 from N810

From: Peter Flynn peter.flynn at mars.ucc.ie
Date: Wed Jan 20 16:18:28 EET 2010
Graham Cobb wrote:
> I certainly intend to issue new versions with accumulated bugfixes (I have 
> fixed some common bugs while doing the N900 port).  And I intend to continue 
> supporting the chinook/diablo version for some time to come.  But that 
> probably only means fixing major bugs.
>> No showstoppers, but a way to export and then erase 
>> historical data up to the most recent 31st Dec would be nice :-)
> Sorry, no plans for that.  But if you can persuade someone to create a patch I 
> would be happy to include it.

Presumably as it's an SQLite file, there must be a GUI or CL interface
to let me open the database and delete from <table> where date<20081231
or something. Do you have pointers to something suitable?

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