[maemo-users] Status of Non-Network Assisted GPS Mode in n900

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Fri Jan 22 10:05:40 EET 2010

ext Tim Ashman wrote:
> I would like to know the status of the bug related to the GPS receiver not 
> functioning without network assist.  I thought one of the latest two patches 
> might have fixed it but it hasn't atleast not for me.

Ovi Maps gives up finding GPS lock too soon

It turns that Ovi Maps will stop polling the GPS after 30 seconds of app
minimized or display dimmed, due to a power management policy. This
gives the impression to many end users that "after one hour still didn't
get a fix" when actually the GPS has been searching only a tiny fraction
 of that time. Quick fix: keep Ovi Maps awake while searching
satellited.  A proper fix is in the plans in a future release.

Can't get a GPS lock with several satellites at view

If you really want to get into proper testing, install the
location-test-gui app, that will provide you data about satellites at
view and signal strength. So far the results are quite decent among the
people that has provided test cases. In my case after dozens of tests in
several conditions I get locks in 1-3 minutes in about 80% of cases.

There are already some overlapping threads open in Talk in addition to
these bug reports. If you want to analyze or discuss further please use

> To recap.
> I go into the Maps program or the gpxview (geocaching) app and turn the GPS 
> mode on but leave the network mode off.
> The unit never syncs, never shows a position, ever!
> I want to use the unit as a gps, I want to be able to use it in an emergency 
> when there is no network available..
> I am bummed out that this bug wasn't given the highest priority.
> Can anyone shed some light.
> Thanks
> tim

Quim Gil
open source advocate
Maemo Devices @ Nokia
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