[maemo-users] No subject

Date: Wed Jan 27 14:48:06 EET 2010
You commute every day with your iphone/ipod/Macbook Air.
You work at home or in the office with your Mac (iMac or Macbook).
You go home and watch a movie with Apple TV... but then?

While watching a movie or while having dinner or while simply sitting
on the sofa/bed relaxing... what do you use to communicate your
feelings on your social network?
What do you use to browse nicely the web? or to watch your friend's
videos on Youtube?

The iPhone? too small and no real web experience.
The Macbook Air ? if you own it, you still don't want it on your lap.
As light as it is.. it's a laptop.
Reminds you of work.

So what ?

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