[maemo-users] iPad

From: Christer Eliasson eliasson.christer at gmail.com
Date: Thu Jan 28 13:08:33 EET 2010
Its still a glorified iPhone...

It has a 1Ghz Snapdragon so its nothing special:p


28 jan 2010 kl. 11.53 skrev Aniello Del Sorbo:

> From what I see it.. it does perfectly fit in a ideal Apple house.
> You commute every day with your iphone/ipod/Macbook Air.
> You work at home or in the office with your Mac (iMac or Macbook).
> You go home and watch a movie with Apple TV... but then?
> While watching a movie or while having dinner or while simply sitting
> on the sofa/bed relaxing... what do you use to communicate your
> feelings on your social network?
> What do you use to browse nicely the web? or to watch your friend's
> videos on Youtube?
> The iPhone? too small and no real web experience.
> The Macbook Air ? if you own it, you still don't want it on your lap.
> As light as it is.. it's a laptop.
> Reminds you of work.
> So what ?
> Aniello
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