[maemo-users] iPad

From: Attila Csipa maemo at csipa.in.rs
Date: Thu Jan 28 19:57:52 EET 2010
> Fine, put a customized UI on top, but most if not all of that could be
> solved with only a custom touchscreen driver, just like all the fancy
> things you can do with Logitech's mouse/trackball drivers (not that I
> ever install them any more). But it's VERY important to keep the
> underlying OS a full desktop version, complete with *all* the apps in
> the standard repositories with no porting necessary. Anything else

You are retracing the steps of Maemo here :) The original GTK+ stuff and 
interface were much closer to upstream GTK+. The hildon things and other 
customizations were introduced *exactly* because desktop UI elements did not 
give a pleasant user interface no matter how you styled them. You start by 
restyling the menus, then input elements, then... and in the end you reach 
present day Maemo :) After trying a tabletpc or two, I agree with Kate, it's 
far more than just a fancy mouse pointer + virtual keyboard, using desktop 
stuff with fingers is just a pain (try using openoffice, gimp or even just 
the browser on a TabletPC... seems straightforward in theory, in practice 
it's beyond horrible - hence the TabletPC concept fail). I agree UI API 
compatibility should not be broken just on a whim, only if there really are 
good reasons for it, but compromises WILL have to be made - it simply is a 
different input paradigm.

> will result in a massive fail. That's Maemo's #1 failing: there are
> too many little details required when porting, standard repositories
> do NOT work, and the app base just isn't there. The Nokia ITs have

The good news is that Qt holds a promise to solve this. If it really is true 
that Qt 4.6 things even without DUI will be first class citizens, things will 
be a lot easier. On Maemo 5 I already develop my Qt4.6 apps with the desktop 
version of Qt and just compile/run in scratchbox when I want to test or 
deploy, the differences are really that minimal.

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