[maemo-users] iPad

From: Will Marone wjmarone at gmail.com
Date: Fri Jan 29 05:25:13 EET 2010
That article is making me rage. Fortunately, the readers
and commenters for the site responded quickly with far
more insight than the article's author.

In a way Apple doing their own chip is brilliant. They get
exactly what they want in the quantities they desire, and
can strike special deals to be bleeding-edge. Which makes the
hardware pretty impresssive, except for the display.

I don't think I'd touch an iPad unless given one for free,
and only then to jailbreak it. After all, there's a very
good reason why I got my N900.

On 1/28/2010 3:48 PM, Christer Eliasson wrote:
> http://www.osnews.com/story/22805/Apple_s_A4_ARM_CPU_GPU/
> Enough said ....
> 28 jan 2010 kl. 23.55 skrev Peter Flynn:
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