[maemo-users] FM Transmitter Sends Sounds But Not Music

From: Chris Ross maemo570 at tebibyte.org
Date: Mon Mar 1 12:21:12 EET 2010
If this is an FAQ I've been unable to find it, nor has googling helped.

The FM Transmitter feature on my N900 is very useful to me as my car's 
built-in stereo doesn't support Bluetooth, but this weekend it just 
stopped working. I can set the TX frequency and tune the radio to it, 
enable the FM Transmitter in Media Player and all seems well. The static 
is replaced by quiet, I can hear the clicks and other system sounds as I 
select things through the car speakers, but when I press play I get 
silence. It's good silence, like properly transmitted silence, but 
obviously what I wanted to hear was the music.

I've tried power cycling the N900 a couple of times, tried running 
update in the apps manager, gone through the settings with a fine comb 
looking for something obvious but haven't spotted it.

How do I get music played via FM once again? It plays fine through the 
internal speakers or headphone socket, just not over FM, although other 
sound is fine over FM seems to be just the music that doesn't work 
though I haven't tried playing a game to see whether I can hear that.

Thanks in advance,
Chris R.

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