[maemo-users] FM Transmitter Sends Sounds But Not Music

From: Chris Ross maemo570 at tebibyte.org
Date: Thu Mar 4 12:53:43 EET 2010
On 03/01/2010 11:05 AM, Andre Klapper wrote:
> Am Montag, den 01.03.2010, 10:21 +0000 schrieb Chris Ross:
>> The FM Transmitter feature on my N900 is very useful to me as my car's
>> built-in stereo doesn't support Bluetooth, but this weekend it just
>> stopped working. I can set the TX frequency and tune the radio to it,
>> enable the FM Transmitter in Media Player and all seems well. The static
>> is replaced by quiet, I can hear the clicks and other system sounds as I
>> select things through the car speakers, but when I press play I get
>> silence. It's good silence, like properly transmitted silence, but
>> obviously what I wanted to hear was the music.
> This also happened to us yesterday in the car, however it worked after
> rebooting the N900.

I've tried taking out the battery and it doesn't get more rebooted than 
that. Still no joy.

I can confirm that the sounds of games come through fine, so I'm sure 
that the hardware is working. It's only the media player that seems to 
be able to transmit its clicks and beeps but doesn't transmit the music.

I have tried uninstalling any apps related to media or radio, though 
only had a couple: FM boost thing and the media player desktop widget. 
Deleted the /home/user/.pulse* directories in case it had saved some 
confused state. Checked /tmp for dead sockets but found nothing.

I'm a bit of a loss now. As it seems not to be a hardware issue I can 
only assume it's a software bug. It was working fine on a long car 
journey Friday, but then stopped and hasn't worked since. I really don't 
think I changed anything and I'm unsure how to debug it further.

I really would welcome any suggestions. two of the main things I bought 
my N900 for are Sat Nav functionality and to listen to my music in the 
car. I was disappointed to find it doesn't do the former and now it 
doesn't even do the latter.

Chris R.
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