[maemo-users] Apache HTTP

From: Demetris demetris at ece.neu.edu
Date: Sat Mar 6 08:22:08 EET 2010
Hey guys,

    anyone has any info on the email below? I want to at least deploy a 
python-based web service on the
apache http server and I am looking for any information of the 
deployment specifics.


Demetris wrote:
> Has anyone been successful in deploying web services on the Apache 
> HTTP on either the N800 or
> the N810 under Diablo? I was able to deploy python scripts easily but 
> I am assuming to be able
> to deploy SOAP services on it I will need a SOAP engine (Axis or 
> similar) that is capable of
> running on the device. The other option is to run REST services on it 
> through J2ME compatible
> servlets. Has anyone done this before?
> Thanks
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