[maemo-users] Apache HTTP

From: Demetris G. Galatopoullos demetris at ece.neu.edu
Date: Sat Mar 6 19:52:34 EET 2010
Thanks Gary -  I did find and run the Apache HTTP server port
(by Tony Green) on the N810 and I was able to deploy some
simple html docs on it. I will try some server-side scripting
on it (cgi-bin) at some pt as well. I am not too optimistic,
as you also hinted, in finding servlet containers for mobile
devices. However, I think I will be able to run servlets in
OSGi containers that can run on the N810. Still since these
are constrained devices it makes more sense to use the HTTP
server and deploy REST services on it.

I will follow up on what you are suggesting  thanks.

Quoting Gary <gary at eyetraxx.net>:

> if you search maemo.org you'll find Apache packages for OS2007 & 8hinted
> plus lighttpd for 2008 & Fremantle. I've not tried either servers on
> the tablets but if I were to try to run any web service on a resource
> restricted system, I'd not start with Apache or at least a version
> with only loadable modules & the bare minimum of modules loaded for
> the task at hand. I'm not aware of any servlet containers being
> compiled for maemo but there's been plenty of discussion about java if
> you search the list archives.
> -Gary
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