[maemo-users] 3G dongle connected to N900?

From: Jan Knutar jknutar at nic.fi
Date: Sun Mar 7 11:56:18 EET 2010
On Sunday 07 March 2010, Bernard Tyers wrote:
> ----- Original message -----
> > On Saturday 06 March 2010, Bernard Tyers wrote:
> > > Is it possible to connect a 3G dongle, via USB cable and running
> > > the USB host software on the N900, providing you with cellular
> > > data access?
> >
> > N900 does not have USB Host Mode, so no.
> I am sure I saw USB host mode software in a repos. (Goes to check...)
>  Yes there is an application called USBControl which says "Enables
>  USB host port to use eg USB mem sticks....etc".
> I guess this is the same function as the USB Host app on N800?
> Any other comments?

Other than "It doesn't work", no.

USBControl was uploaded before anyone had a device in their hands and 
discovered there's no USB Host mode.
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