[maemo-users] 3G dongle connected to N900?

From: Klaus Rotter klaus at rotters.de
Date: Mon Mar 8 11:31:33 EET 2010
Am 07.03.2010 02:07, schrieb Peter Flynn:
> Jan Knutar wrote:
>> N900 does not have USB Host Mode, so no.
> You're kidding? Did they not learn from the N800 at all?

The problem is to use the USB port as a plug in for the charger/ac 
adapter. On the N8x0, there was a separate input for the charger. All 
new cellular phones in the EU must have a micro USB port as a connector 
for an ac adapter (in the future). There are some problems to use the 
USB port both as power input and also power output (required in host 
mode). And yes, I really want a USB host mode, too.


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