[maemo-users] Displaying music album cover images in media player

From: Gunter Ohrner G.Ohrner at post.rwth-aachen.de
Date: Mon Mar 8 23:44:00 EET 2010

I just got my new, shiny N900 and updated it to firmware release Maemo 5 

The media player works, but does not shows cover images for most of my 
music albums.

I read the manual, but I could not find any hint on what I would have to 
do to make the player recognise the cover images.

Nearly all of my albums have a cover which is contained within the 
directory containing the album's music files. In all cases, there is a 
tiny "folder.jpg" (which is needed by my dedicated mobile music player) 
and a higher resolution PNG of JPG file of the same image. This separate 
file is often called "FrontCover.jpg", "FrontCover.png" or 
"AlbumName.png" or similar.

What do I have to do to make the media player recognise and display 
these files?

Thanks in advance,


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