[maemo-users] Sync'd calendar alerts

From: Edward Johns ejdomreg at gmail.com
Date: Tue Mar 9 11:08:26 EET 2010
I've searched everywhere for a solution to this but now I'm stuck. The
solution might not be Maemo related but I'm hoping someone here has
solved the same problem.
I sync my Outlook calendar at work with Google which I then sync with
my N900. The problem is that I use alerts heavily in Outlook but I
don't want the alarm on my N900 going off every 5 minutes (especially
in the middle of the night as it does for all day events). I don't
want to disable the alerts in Outlook I just want to stop them being
copied to the N900. As far as I can see I've got 4 options but I can't
find a solution to any of them:

i)Disable the alerts in Google Calendar when syncing with Outlook
ii)Disable the alerts in N900 when syncing with Google
iii)Sync the N900 with Google but then run something/set something to
turn off all alerts in a specific calendar.
iv)Set the alarm tone to nothing for a specific calendar on the N900.

Does anybody have any bright ideas?

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