[maemo-users] 3G dongle connected to N900?

From: Klaus Rotter klaus at rotters.de
Date: Wed Mar 10 00:01:04 EET 2010
Am 08.03.2010 19:26, schrieb kate.alhola at nokia.com:
> Some problems don't mean impossible. It may not be possible within specs with
> integrated circuits used in N900 but it does not maen that it can't be never done
> Not absolutely, it may be difficult but not impossible.

So this problem belongs to TI, as the USB feature is integrated in the 
OMAP 34xx chip. Which means, _maybe_ new chips could solve it. And maybe 
a new device. Unfortunatly, Bluetooth isn't a solution for everything. 
Anyone heard of a BT MIDI interface? Sometimes a USB-RS232 cable would 
be nice (I'm doing some kind of embedded development. I haven't tried a 
BT serial soultion yet).

  Klaus Rotter * klaus at rotters dot de * www.rotters.de
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